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What We Are Best At

AV Services 

Why outsource all the individual aspects of your event? Let J. Thor Productions handle everything. We offer audio visual services to suit every venue. From live and virtual events, equipment rentals, custom set design and staging we will make your next event completely worry free! We use only the latest and most reliable audio, video, and lighting technology as the backbone of your event. Our trained staff works with our clients to execute flawless events whether it's a corporate meeting, trade show or special event.

Event Planning and Design 

Event Planning

We understand the initial planning of an event can be complex and difficult to manage. Our team of world class professionals have years of experience bringing to life some of the wildest creations the mind can imagine. We know that early liaison and timely communication prove to be fundamental to the success of the event. Our people will work closely with you and your staff to understand your objectives and deliver a seamless event experience. 

  • show site inspection

  • coordination with hotels and other venues

  • personnel and staffing requirements

  • pre-production

  • production related creative service

Event Planning Management
Audio, Video

Audio, Video, Lighting

J. Thor Productions, Inc. offers a vast inventory of state of the art equipment ranging from audio systems, video monitors to large projection screens, lighting and indoor/outdoor LED video walls. Whether you are hosting a small presentation. a large multi room conference or festival our knowledgeable team are here to help make it a success. Our production services combined with state of the art equipment will ensure your message is delivered to your audience. 

Types of live event productions we can assist you with: 

- Conferences                                    - Concerts / Festival 

- Meetings                                          - Galas / Special Events

- Town Halls                                       - Press Conferences

- Fashion Shows                                - Product Launches

Trade Shows                                    - Political 

- Ground Breakings / Grand Openings

Overview of a Gala Event in Shades of Purple
Virtual / Hybrid

Virtual / Hybrid Live Streaming Services

We offer several virtual meeting solutions that will provide audience engagement and interaction using live video conferencing, live streaming and content sharing.  This will allow you and your attendees to feel as if you were holding a live event while also preserving the quality of a produced in person event. Content and engagement are everything when it comes to virtual events. Our project managers will partner with your team to understand the event objectives and to create a custom virtual solution for your next event.  


A range of virtual event solutions include webinars to interactive virtual meetings and fully customizable webcasts. Schedule a demo today.

In addition to offering production services, J. Thor Productions rents out our state of the art audio visual equipment for virtual event needs. 

Virtual / Hybrid Event Studio
Equipment Renals

A/V Equipment Rentals

If you need to rent equipment for a meeting or event, our 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse space offers a wide range of audio, video, lighting, and staging equipment. All of our equipment goes through quality control each and every time it is used. If you have any questions or concerns with your rental our knowledgeable support staff is available 24 hours to assist. We guarantee the best service and the best quality for the best price.

Mixer from Equipment Rental

Set Design & Construction

Set Design

J. Thor Productions has a large selection of pre-designed hard & soft sets, in a wide range of styles and themes. If your requirements call for something original we can design and construct the set in house . We offer full scale renderings and concept development to show you what your design will look like before it's actually created. One of our artists can deliver a variety of creative solutions to whatever your design challenges are.

Custom Set Design with Fog
Custom Gobs

Custom Gobos

What's a gobo? It is a stencil made out of metal or glass that is placed in a lighting fixture and projects the image on a surface. Gobo is an acronym for the phase "goes before optics." Gobos can be used to create patterns, imagery, and shapes to help support the theme. We can provide stocks gobos or create a custom one that fits your event's theme. Here you can check out some of the custom ones we have created for past clients. 

Custom Lighting Gobo
Custom Gobs

Our Dealer Partners....

At our core, we believe in quality over quantity when it comes to partnerships with manufacturers. Our partners aren't just chosen at random — they are meticulously selected to bring added value and an enhanced experience to you. 

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For more information about our services, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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