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Meet the 2018 Fast 50 honorees: J. Thor Production

Updated: Apr 30

J. Thor Executive Producer

Company: J. Thor Productions Inc.

Location: Largo

Industry: Live event production

How would you describe what your company does to a friend or family member who may not know? We work with companies that despite having talented people lack the time and resources to create the event that they have imagined. We provide full service sound, lighting, video, drape and staging solutions for corporations and individuals across the United States and beyond. 

What are some key accomplishments/statistics your company has achieved in the past 12 months? Our new 30,000 square foot facility has allowed us to increase both staff and equipment to better serve our customers. We are more efficient in preparing and turning around events than ever before which has led to increased profits and better customer service.

Are you currently hiring? If so, how many positions and what types? We are constantly looking to increase our freelance roster. While we do maintain a reasonably large staff, a good deal of our event help comes by way of independent contractors. Adding quality people that fit within the culture of J. Thor Productions is crucial to our continued growth. And when we find a great fit we just might hire them full time to join the family.

What makes your company a fun place to work? Our business is all about entertainment so it is only natural for us to have a little of that in house. Our office has a 3,000 square foot "party deck" complete with a stage, pool table, dart boards, and other forms of entertainment. We believe in the motto "work hard, play hard" and this space give us that opportunity. We also put in a gym so employees can work out before or after work. We try to do a few team building outings each year off site as well but these trips are becoming more challenging as the workload increases. We feel it's important to make this happen as often as possible so we hope our customers understand that if on some random Friday they get a message that we are out of the office "playing" that they will understand. 

What is your outlook for the Tampa Bay economy in the years ahead? I am very excited for the future. Downtown Tampa is flourishing under the leadership of Jeff Vinik. New hotels are being built and that will ultimately lead to more event business and more guests visiting our market. We are a popular option for major sporting events which also brings great event business. It really is a great place to work and live.

Describe your company in one word: Motivated

– J. Thor Gogolen, executive producer

Source: Biz Journals


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